Bromic Tungsten 4000 W Electric Radiant Heater USA 240 V


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Bromic Tungsten 4000 W Electric Radiant Heater USA 240 V

 This Great Powerfull Electric Infrared Outdoor Heater Will Extend Your Outdoor Season. We carry ALL of Bromic Heating`s Products. Please Feel To Give Us A Call We Offer Multiple Purchase Discounts. 1-855 485 4015 We Accept All Major Credit Cards!

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Key Features

  • Varying heat for efficiency and practicality
  • Low clearance requirements makes it ideal for awnings and low ceilings
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Easy installation
  • Soft glow provides ambiance
  • Sleek, modern style




Bromic BH0420004 Tungsten 4000 W Electric Radiant Heater USA 240 V
Get the best in outdoor patio heating with the Bromic Tungsten 4000 W Electric Radiant Heater USA 240 V! With its unique blend of features and technology, it's a great option for your outdoor venue. With low clearance requirements, it's ideal for your awnings or low ceilings. It's flexible enough to be mounted on both ceilings and walls and covers an area up to 130 square feet.

Dual heating elements
Dual heating elements in this powerful electric heater are enough to heat an area up to 130 square feet. They provide 4000 Watts of energy, making for a comfortable heat density for your guests.

Easy installation
Unlike other heating solutions, this one isn't going to break your back or the bank to get it set up and running. Designed to use existing infrastructure, it comes with simple, easy to follow instructions for an uncomplicated installation process. Save yourself the money and the hassle with Bromic!

Flexible mounting options
When you're shopping for heaters for your venue, you're going to want one that offers versatility. The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat has great flexible mounting options that allow it to be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted, utilizing space as efficiently as possible while also keeping options open.

Sleek, modern style
With Bromic's stylish patio heaters, you won't have to sacrifice your venue's looks for good heat. The Tungsten Smart-Heat has a sleek, modern design which fits in well with most outdoor architecture and complements its surroundings with ease. It simultaneously provides a strong accent as well as a warm, comfortable environment.

  • Dual heating elements
  • Soft glow provides ambiance
  • Sleek, modern style
  • Heats an area up to 130 square feet
  • Varying heat for efficiency and practicality
  • 4000 Watts

Low clearance requirements
The last thing you want is your heater to damage nearby surfaces or have clearance issues preventing the best placement. Luckily, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat comes equipped with a heat deflector, making it ideal for awnings, low ceilings, and otehr places with low clearance.

4000 Watt electric patio heater
With 4000 Watts of power behind its single heating element, this patio heater provides great heat for your outdoor venue.

Provides ambiance
Heating and ambiance, together in one unit! This patio heater has been engineered and fine tuned to provide not only great heat but a comfortable soft glow. It's not so strong as to be blinding or distracting, yet brings a warm, cozy atmosphere to your outdoor patio.

Heats an area up to 130 square feet
The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat is designed to heat an area of up to 130 square feet, providing a comfortable heat density you can feel as soon as the unit is powered on.


  • Dimensions: L: 8.50" x W: 44.00" x H:3.50"
  • Product Weight: 19.80 lbs
  • Suitable for Commercial Use: Yes
  • Coverage Area: 130 square feet
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Certifications: ETL
  • Style: Wall-mounted
  • Style: Ceiling mounted
  • Heat Settings: Yes
  • Type: Patio Heater
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Watts: 4000 watts
  • Amps: 18.1 amps