Comfort Geni 4x Room To Room Fan

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Comfort Geni 4X

Comfort Geni 4x

    • Fits standard 4” x 10” register opening, optional trim adaptors enable unit to fit 4”x12”, 6”x10” or 6”x12” register openings.
    • Easy to install for any DIY home owner
    • Power Requirement: 115 VAC converted to safe 12 VDC 500 mA
    • Power cord is easily removed during periods when not in use
    • Built-in programmable temperature sensor with automatic ON/OFF allows operation only when source temperature produces the benefit you need
    • 3-speed 12 VDC brushless fan motors use only 14 watts
    • Air movement: 40-100 cu. ft./minute
    • Fan speed: 1,000-2,500 rpm
    • Sound level: 38 dBA (library-quiet)
    • Color: Almond
    • 12-month warranty

ComfortGeni is one of the most advanced tools available for moving warmth.

Saves Energy

  • Maximizes the area your wood or pellet stove heats
  • Reduces the need for additional sources of heat by balancing warmth
  • Uses energy efficient DC motors to achieve a total running cost of just $5.00 per year
  • Boosts airflow from your HVAC system up to 60%


Each of these factors enables you to further reduce your dependence on expensive fossil fuels and maximizes the effect of carbon-neutral wood and pellet stoves.

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