Comfort Geni 6XR

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Comfort Geni 6xr

Comfort Geni 6xr

    • Fits standard 6” x 10” or 6” x 12” register opening
    • Remote controlled for easy operation regardless of location
    • Easy to install for any DIY home owner
    • Power Requirement: 115 VAC converted to safe 12 VDC 500 mA
    • Power cord is easily removed during periods when not in use
    • Built-in programmable temperature sensor with automatic ON/OFF allows operation only when source temperature produces the benefit you need
    • 3-speed 12 VDC brushless fan motors use only 14 watts
    • Air movement: 115-150 cu. ft./minute
    • Fan speed: 1,200-1,800 rpm
    • Sound level: 32-35 dBA (soft whisper—less than one sone)
    • Color: Almond
    • 12-month warranty
    • Now made in the U.S.A! You know how much wonderful warmth and comfort a wood, pellet or gas stove brings to a room. ComfortGeni lets you move the warmth to other rooms and levels, making the whole house toasty. The more you distribute the warmth, the more energy and money you save!
      Advanced features for comfort and convenience: ComfortGeni is one of the most advanced tools available for moving warmth.
    • Features Include:
      • DC Motors: which are much quieter, cost less to operate, and last longer than those with AC motors
      • Remote control included
      • Built-in temperature sensor–fan runs only when the source air helps to achieve the desired temperature
      • Automatic ON/OFF function for energy savings
      • FAN, HEAT and COOL settings for use in all seasons
      • HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW speed settings

      Comfort Geni Saves Energy:

      Each of these factors enables you to further reduce your dependence on expensive fossil fuels and maximizes the effect of carbon-neutral wood and pellet stoves.

      • Maximizes the area your wood or pellet stove heats
      • Reduces the need for additional sources of heat by balancing warmth
      • Uses energy-efficient DC motors to achieve a total running cost of just $5.00 per year
      • Boosts air flow from your HVAC system up to 60%

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    Comfort Geni 6X

    Posted by Michael Thompson on Jan 11th 2020

    Product was well made. I took it apart after receiving it to reverse the two fans so that it would pull warm air from my basement into the rest of the house duct work. I placed it on the cold air return duct before the filter. I have a great woodstove and I had been using the HVAC fan on a circulation setting but decided the Comfort Geni would be quieter. I run the fans on low and let it run continuously when the stove is in use.

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