Dimplex DIRP Outdoor/Indoor Infrared Heater, Plug-in Model, 120V, 1500W (DIRP15A10GR)


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Dimplex DIRP Outdoor/Indoor Infrared Heater, Plug-in Model, 120V, 1500W (DIRP15A10GR)


Powerful heat combined with convenience. The Dimplex Outdoor/Indoor Wall-mount Plug-in Infrared Heater is perfect for warming and enhancing entertaining spaces with its sleek, stylish Schott Nextrema® ceramic tinted glass that is complementary to modern design. This is infrared heat at its finest; keep family, friends, guests, or patrons comfortable with sun-like warmth in a matter of seconds. Mount, plug-in, and heat – installation made easy.


  • Nextrema® Schott glass ensures even heat distribution and minimizes light emissions
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel makes this product suitable for all climates
  • 3 temperature settings - 600W (low), 1050W (med), 1500W (high) for maximum comfort
  • 6 second maximum heat up time
  • Programmable timer 1- 13 hour operation and remote control for ease of operation
  • On-screen display shows temperature setting and timer function at a glance
  • 120V plug-in, 1500W wall-mount heater (not suitable for ceiling mount)
  • Each heater comes with the element pre-installed, which eases installation and reduces the risk of damaged, broken or misplaced elements upon delivery
  • Innovative design ensures a safe, easy and space-saving installation
  • Weather-proof construction. Meets IP65 rating


  • Product Depth/Length (in) 9.32
  • Product Height (in) 7.11
  • Product Weight (lb) 9.92
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 1500
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Nextrema™ Schott® Ceramic tinted glass
  • Heating Element: Ruby halogen heating element(s)
  • Construction: Stainless Steel (304)
  • Controls & Wiring: Plug-in. Unit has an auto stand-by feature after 8 hours of operation
  • Installation: Wall-mount bracket included
  • Warranty: 1-year replacement parts