Everdure HUB Electric Ignition Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ Grill Heston Blumenthal


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Heston Blumenthal

Chef Heston Blumenthal transforms dining into a theatrical multisensory experience. Heston's three-Michelin Star-rated restaurant The Fat Duck has earned an O.B.E. from Her Majesty the Queen for his services to British gastronomy. Now he's partnered with Everdure to bring his style to grilling enthusiasts around the globe.


This innovative grill lets you enjoy the flavor of charcoal grilling with the ease and speed of gas grilling. Designed in collaboration with renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, the grill fuses modern technology and direct-fire cooking. A fast flame ignition system sparks the electrical element, which starts heating charcoal quickly and evenly – allowing you to begin grilling in as little as 10 minutes. A built-in commercial-quality rotisserie system lets you cook whole pigs or multiple chickens. Two chrome grills with stay-cool handles lift easily for charcoal reloading and adjusting, allowing you to create multiple zones of heat.


  • Innovative grill blends charcoal cooking with gas grill technology.
  • Fast flame ignition system heats up quickly; electrical heating element makes charcoal hot and ready for grilling in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Two chrome grills with stay-cool handles lift for easy charcoal reloading and adjusting.
  • Built-in, full-size rotisserie system features clip lock to secure food.
  • Retractable power cord and porcelain enamel firebox make cleanup easy.
  • Spacious two-shelf storage behind double-lined doors.

Ready to cook in 10 minutes

With the Fast Flame Ignition SystemTM, featuring an electric element, you can get your charcoal burning at just the right temperature in just 10 minutes.



Easy to use and take care of. The porcelain enamel firebox and charcoal tray are easy to clean after use.


Built-in rotisserie system

With the patented Rotiscope TechnologyTM, you can set up an authentic, top-of-the-line rotisserie, powered by a discrete motor, in moments.

Food held tight

The jaw-like Cliplock ForksTMensure everything from chickens to suckling pigs are kept firmly in place on the rotisserie rod as it turns

Function and form

From the subtly integrated rotisserie, to the retractable power cord, the HUBTM is the perfect balance of function and form, taking design cues from minimalist Danish design.



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