Invicta Lo Goustaou on Trolley Multi-Function Oven

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Lo Goustaou on Trolley
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Invicta Lo Goustaou on Trolley Multi-Function Oven

Invicta Lo Goustaou Multi-Function Wood/Bread Oven on Trolley

The Invicta Lo Goustaou Multi-Function Oven is an excellent solution to all your outdoor cooking needs. With the top sealed, it works like any other bread oven, efficiently reflecting the heat with its concave design. Alternatively, you can open the top up, and utilize the grilling surface to cook up some steaks. Get it with the multi-level trolley and you can take it anywhere, making this a great choice for anyone in need of a multi-function, outdoor wood oven.


Ref: 737601

Measurment (HxWxD): 57 x 30.25 x 38.5 in.

Weight : 380lbs

Color: Anthracite

8 Stackable Cast Iron Elements

2 Wide Wheels (Diameter: 11.8")

1 Multi-Directional Back Wheel with Brake

2 Fixed Handles and 3 Removable Handles

2 Trolley Shelves

Arched Door with Air Register and Inspection Hole

Adjustable Supports

Ash Recovery Dome with Trap Door

Refractory Stone Cooking Surface in 2 Parts with Cast Iron Support

Supplied Accessories: stainless steel pizza peel, wooden pizza peel, thermometer, cleaning brush, cooking grid, vinyl cover




10 years on cast Iron firebox body 3 years on all cast Iron component 1 years on all other component such as: gasket or glass


5 YEARS on all cast Iron component

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