Louisiana Grills LG900 Barrel Wood Pellet Smoker BBQ Grill

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LG 900 Pellet Grill and Smoker

Louisiana Grills LG900

900 square inch Natural Wood Pellet Grill

Louisiana Wood Pellet Grills make it easy to prepare and serve the finest in 'World Class, Wood- Fired Gourmet Goodness'.The Louisiana Gills Lg 900 Pellet Grill uses only all-natural cooking-grade wood pellets for fuel. NO gas, propane or charcoal. Built to last and designed to deliver immediate success. The easy to operate Digital Control Center oven control gives you precise control from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit. And by using the included programmable meat probe interface, you can cook and control automatically with precision. An electric ignition and fan-forced air accelerate and maintain a clear burning flame for an abundance of convection heat and clean, flavorful smoke. The 'Flame Broiler' allows for both 'Direct' and 'Indirect' cooking while adding flavor back to your cooking and channeling excess grease away. Best of all, you get nearly 900 square inches of porcelain coated crowd pleasing cooking surface: 633 square inch main surface and 280 square inch removable upper cooking rack. With the amazing versatility and flavor of real wood cooking, the LG900 will allow any new or aspiring backyard cook to Smoke ribs, jerky, fish; bake biscuits, pizza; Grill burgers, vegetables, or sear or charbroil a steak with confidence, every time.

Digital Control Center and Programmable Meat Probe

The Digital Control Center and Programmable Meat Probe work together to regulate heat. Ignition and cool down are automated so you can focus on cooking.

Simply set the Programmable Meat Probe to a desired internal temperature for your meat and Digital Control Center will adjust heat to maintain this temperature once reached.

Temperature can be adjusted in 5 degree increments from 170° Fahrenheit all the way up to 600° Fahrenheit.

How our grills work

Set your temperature on the Digital Control Center and the grill takes care of the rest. The auger begins feeding all natural hardwood pellets to the burn pot where they are ignited by a electric starter: no need for additional fire accelerants.

Convection is achieved using a number of techniques. Air is fan forced into the grill and channeled throughout by our arched flame broiler. Our exhaust design allows air to circulate evenly along the length of the grill and to the top shelf. This combination allows us to achieve uniform heat throughout the unit whether your smoking at 170°F or cooking all the way up to 600° Fahrenheit.

Once your done cooking simply press the power button and the Digital Control Center will safely maintain a cool down period before shutting off.

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