Luxuria 62 indoor to outdoor glass Kit

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Luxuria 62 indoor to outdoor glass Kit

Indoor/Outdoor Kit

The Indoor/Outdoor Kit is a revolutionary solution that allows all fireplaces from the Luxuria™ series to be installed on an exterior wall and to be enjoyed from both inside and outside your home. This window has been engineered to be a green solution that truly ensures home comfort while preserving energy consumption. An industry first to offer a solution that addresses environmental responsibility and still remains easy to service and clean.

Product Features

• An accessory to convert any of the Luxuria™ Series to an indoor/outdoor fireplace
• Fiberglass construction allows expansion and contraction at the same rate as the glass pane, ensuring the integrity of the seals and gaskets are maintained
• The first true indoor/outdoor kit built for northern climates
• Industries first ever thermally engineered solution to an indoor/outdoor fireplace
• Enjoy your Luxuria™ as a SEE THRU unit on an exterior wall of your home without any compromise to comfort, unwanted energy consumption or the need for power venting motors.
• Easy cleaning and serviceability while maintaining the complete integrity of the building; insulation, vapor barrier,
prevents air infiltration and minimizes noise transmission.
• The sealed viewing system provides a certified value of R5, that when combined with the Luxuria™ fireplace
construction and glass guard system results in a total insulation value of almost R20!
• Cleaning takes only one person a total of 15 minutes


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