Modern Flames Fusion Fire Electric / Steam Fireplace

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Modern Flames Fusion Fire Electric Fireplace

Modern Flames introduces the FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace, the next step in the company’s revolutionary line of innovative fireplace products. Modern Flames harness the power of commercial steam flame technology seen in the likes of Disney and Universal Studio with its revolutionary FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace. The FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace was designed to handle the rigors of everyday use and consumes extremely small amounts of water when running. Because it is safe to touch and uses clean steam energy, no clearance is required for builders or homeowner. Requiring only 120v of electricity, home builders who are struggling to install gas fireplaces to meet the rigid parameters of modern green building codes (the new “Net Zero” requirements) should look no further than the FusionFire™ Steam Fireplace. Featuring the most life-like flame ever developed, this steam-based unit will be the first fireplace on the market that provides the consumer with the best aspects of both gas and electric, opening the door for a host of residential and commercial applications.




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The Modern Flames 60-In FusionFire Built-In Electric Fireplace is the most authentic looking, artificial flame of any linear electric fireplace on the market. Making use of real steam, intricate LED lighting patterns are projected onto the rising steam to create the look of flames and smoke. What makes steam produced flames look so realistic is the random and natural movement of the steam. It mimics the motion of a dancing flame with almost exact precision for a heightened visual experience. With its wide 60" viewing area you'll enjoy unobstructed viewing of the remarkable flame effects. Ideal for use in larger rooms, this versatile fireplace can be used in either commercial or residential installations. Imagine greeting your guests with this bold and awe-inspiring fireplace, for a warm and inviting welcome.

The FusionFire 60-In fireplace is for 120V hard-wired, fully recessed installations. Though requiring a built-in application, the fireplace is relatively easy to install. A water reservoir will need to be refilled in order to maintain the flame effects, however the unit can be plumbed directly to a water source, for non-stop, continuous use. For those consumers and contractors trying to abide by modern green building codes or the new "Net Zero" requirements should find the FuisonFire 60-In to be the perfect means of meeting these requirements while still providing the visual experience of a real gas fireplace. The included remote control and integrated touch pad controls allow for easy operation of the flame height and lighting intensity for a customized look. Create a stunning focal point in your home, office or business with the addition of the Modern Flame FuisonFire 60-In Built-In Electric Fireplace.




Modern Flames



Fuel Bed




Mounting Options

Fully Recessed



Manufacturer's Warranty

2 Year


74.25" W x 31.5" H x 14.25" D

Other Dimensions

Viewing Area: 60" W x 16" H

Shipping Weight

153.25 lbs










Bulb Type


Remote Control Options



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