Petite Cordova Outdoor Fireplace

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Petite Cordova Outdoor Fireplace

American Fyre Designs Petite Cordova Outdoor Fireplace

Bringing a taste of the sweet Southwest to your backyard, the American Fyre Designs Petite Cordova Outdoor Fireplace is a genuine work of masonry-styled talent. Raising the outdoor room to a new standard of domestic charm, this fireplace employs tested indoor styles with outdoor originality.


  • Glass-fiber reinforced concrete body won't degrade
  • Complimentary customizable gas plumbing included
  • Tailored hearth options to fit your needs
  • Choose between many different finishes
  • Easy assembly with use of only bolts


Built from a glass-fiber reinforced concrete frame and a high-temperature refractory cement firebox, this unit is specifically designed for longevity and consistent durability. Ready-made for discreet gas conversion, the American Fyre Designs Petite Cordova Outdoor Fireplace is a herald of the outdoor fireplace movement, easily customized to put the gas key and gas line right where you want them


  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
  • Type: Fireplace Unit
  • Construction: Cast
  • Material: Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete | High-Temp Refractory Cement
  • Color: Black Lava | Café Blanco | Canyon | Sedona | Silverado | Smoke | Tuscan Slate | Villa
  • Firebox Width: 30"
  • Overall Width: 53"
  • Overall Depth: 26.5" | 32" | 36"
  • Overall Height: 72" | 84"
  • Chimney Height: 18"
  • Ignition: Match Lit
  • Item Weight: 1300 lbs.
  • Items Included: Four Herringbone firebox liners

Fireplace Options


 Select your Fireplace Color

  • Many heavy texture and sand finish options to choose from
  • All natural tones
  • Will easily match your decor
Cafe Blanco   
Black Lava

Select your Hearth Style

  • Many styles available
  • Different sizes available
  • Cordova hearth depths are 39"

 Gas Shut Off Location

Select your Fireplace Gas Shut Off Location

  • Select the location of your gas line
  • Options left or right of the unit
  • Can be located on the back or underneath the unit


Fireplace Recess

Select your Hearth/Fireplace Recess

  • Recess allows installation of stone facing
  • Recess is 2" deep on all vertical surfaces
  • Choose hearth recess or hearth and fireplace recess


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