Quaking Aspen Vented Gas 24" Log Set

Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon 24-Inch Quaking Aspen Vented Gas Log Set

24" Quaking Aspen Logs - Log Count : 7

The Quaking Aspen is part of Grand Canyon Gas Logs three native collections. The Quaking Aspen logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring to life the natural beauty. Like other Grand Canyon log collections, the logs for the Quaking Aspen were discovered in the backwoods of the Northern Arizona Forest. The name Quaking Aspen comes from the appearance of the Aspen tree when the wind is blowing. The leaves of the tree are attached to the branches with a long petiole - thus allowing even the faintest of breezes to cause the leaves to flutter. The fluttering effect gives the appearance that the Aspen is “Quaking” or “Trembling” - hence the name Quaking Aspen. The detail in the casting and painting by our craftsman are second none. Every log in the Quaking Aspen collection was handpicked, and each size in the collection has its own unique logs.

Designed to bring the most realistic gas logs to your fireplace, the Grand Canyon Quaking Aspen Vented Gas Log Set puts the beauty of nature into your home. Grand Canyon Gas Logs scours the American country to hand pick the most unique logs for their sets. Each of these logs were individually cast from one of them. The realistic Quaking Aspen features creamy white bark, scared with black bark from winter snows. Each log is hand-painted to accentuate the details of the wood.


  • Cast and hand painted from real logs found in the Northern Arizona Forest
  • Unique burner mirrors a real wood burning fireplace and is tested to withstand and produce heat
  • Safety assured OMNI certified 2 Burner system boasts up to 64,000 BTUs
  • Safety assured OMNI certified 3 Burner system boasts up to 74,000 BTUs
  • Features a main back burner and a second burner for the ember bed
  • This set comes bundled with a hand-held remote for effortless across-the-room control
  • Hand-painted individually cast logs
  • ANSI certified burners
  • Multiple ignition options
  • Lifetime burner warranty

The Grand Canyon 2 Burner system mirrors a real wood burning fireplace, is ANSI and CSA certified and is tested to withstand and produce heat. This burner also allows for gas to connect on either side, depending on where your gas inlet is located. Get great ember bed coverage and superb flame height with this American-made 24-inch natural gas log set that has a main burner in the back and a second burner in the front that also acts as an ember burner. The attention to detail and flame presentation is what allows Grand Canyon to produce realistic displays that fill any room with warmth and comfort. Set includes: logs, burner, flex line, damper clamp, gas inlet fitting, lava rock, and embers. Burner Output: 64,000 BTUs or 74,000 BTUs. Burner Ignition Method: match light using your existing wall key valve.


Log Material Refractory Ceramic
Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane
Vent Type Vented
Log Width 24"
Minimum Depth Required 14"
Minimum Height Required 14"
Minimum Front Width Required 39"
Minimum Rear Width Required 27"
Wood Type Aspen
Max Btu 64000 / 74000
Collection Quaking Aspen
Log Series Traditional
Fireplace Type Standard
Burner Kit Grand Canyon 2 or 3 Burner
Location Indoor



(No reviews yet) Write a Review