Summerset 44 Inch Trl Series Grill On Cart

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Summerset Trl 44 Inch Series Grill With Cart

Summerset TRL Deluxe Series Gas Grill On Cart, 44-Inch, Natural Gas Or Propane

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The 44-inch TRL Deluxe Series On Cart Gas Grill for Natural Gas from Summerset offers a high quality outdoor gas grill for the serious griller. The heavy duty 304 stainless steel grill construction ensures a long lasting and quality product while the (4) cast stainless steel burners rated at 20,000 BTU each packs a serious grilling punch. The thick 9mm stainless steel grill grates provide professional style grill marks across the large 1200 square inch grilling surface while the captured ceramic briquette trays below prevent hot & cold spots for a more even cooking surface. The TRL Deluxe series features a 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner to allow restaurant quality slow roasted foods while the unique Flame Thrower ignition easily ignites the gas burners for a simple and intiutive grilling session. The built in temperature gauge, interior halogen lighting, and front LED lights combine to create a high end grilling machine perfect for your backyard.



  • Freestanding BBQ grill with 304 stainless steel construction for natural gas
  • (4) main cast stainless steel grill burners rated at 20,000 BTU each
  • 15,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner with rotisserie kit
  • Captured ceramic briquette trays for "charcoal" style grilling
  • 1200 square inch cooking surface, includes interior lights, LED panel lighting




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