Breckwell Cast Iron Enameled Wood Stoves SWC21


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SWC21M Wood Stove SWC21M Wood Stove SWC21M Wood Stove SWC21M Wood Stove SWC21M Wood Stove

The SWC21M wood stove gives the user the peace of mind found with fully welded plate steel firebox while still having the impeccable styling of an enameled cast iron wood stove. This 1.5 cubic foot firebox, is fully capable of doing the job with the ability to achieve lower than average burn rates for overnight burns. The classic elements of this unit include elaborate curves and bonnets common to French design, along with fluted columns and crisp moldings.
Specifications   Dimensions  
Up to 68,000 BTU's   Width: 28.25 inch  
Up to 1,200 sq. ft.   Depth: 23 inch  
Up to 17 inch log length   Height: 28.5 inch  
BLOWER INCLUDED   6 inch flue outlet  
EPA: Certified 2.9 g/hr   Weight: 440 lbs  



(No reviews yet) Write a Review