Pellet Stoves offer easy installation and use. Simply add wood pellets to the hopper and pust a button and the pellet stove will auto ignite. Pellet stoves offer automatic ignition, variable heat control and can often be hooked up to thermostats. Pellet stoves use blowers to circulate heat. Pellet Stoves can are constructed of cast iron or steel. Some pellet stoves offer beautiful castings such as the enviro myy or empress pellet stoves, others are made for heating convienance. The Hudson River Kinderhook Pellet stove offers a 130 pound hopper that allows for a burntime of up to 80 hours without refueling.We offer Enviro Pellet stoves including the multi fuel M55 pellet stove, Napoleon pellet stoves, Breckwell pellet stoves and Hudson river stove works pellet stoves including the Hudson River Stove Works Chatham Cast Iron Pellet Stove.

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