Bromic Platinum Smart Heat 3 Burner Outdoor Gas Heater


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Product Overview

Bromic Heating Platinum 300 Smart-Heat Gas 3 Burner Radiant Infrared Patio Heater, Natural Gas Or Propane, 23,600 BTU 









 Sleek contemporary styling with brushed stainless steel and tinted ceramic glass

  • Radiant infrared burner heats up fast and provides direct heat to warm people
  • Wind resistance up to 12 miles per hour for uninterrupted heating
  • Wall bracket houses control system away from heat and pivots heater head 25-degrees to the left and right of center
  • Perfect for residential and commercial installations


    Product Description

    The Bromic Platinum 300 Smart-Heat Gas 3 Burner Radiant Infrared Patio Heater for Natural Gas provides 23,600 BTU/hour of direct people-warming heat. It heats up fast and keeps you warm so you can enjoy your backyard grill and outdoor living spaces into the night and all year 'round. This three burner heater heats up to 120 square feet, up to 13 feet away from the heater. Bromic heaters have stylish contemporary designs that fit perfectly in backyard and restaurant patios, not like those industrial looking ones you've seen. The tinted ceramic glass creates an even level of heat emission while promoting the highest wind rating in the industry at 12 miles per hour. The heater can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling (with optional Ceiling Post Mount). The optimum height is 8 feet from the floor to the bottom of the heater, and if the distance above the heater is less than 42-inches, or if the heater will be open to the elements, then the accessory Heat Deflector must be used. Multiple heaters can be operated from a single switch or smart control system (not included). The mounting bracket houses the control valve and module, removing them from the heat for greater life, and allows the heater to pivot left or right to direct the heat where you want it. Automatic reignition provides ongoing heat and convenience. The heater is made of stainless steel with brushed finish. Requires 120V for electronic ignition system. BH0110001.

Product Dimensions: 15.6 x 22 x 15 inches ; 33 pounds


Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen


The Platinum’s signature screen spreads comfort evenly across an area while emitting a soft red glow


  • Ceramic Efficiency

    Slow-release ceramic burners efficiently combust gas to fuel the most environmentally friendly gas-fired heating method available

  • Elegantly Subtle Design

    Equally at home as the stunning centerpiece or supporting from the sidelines

  • Unrivaled Coverage

    Projects comfort evenly across a wide range while reaching deeply into open areas

  • Patented Direct Ignition

    Automated direct ignition eliminates the need for a pilot, resulting in instantaneous ignition

  • Sturdy Construction

    Durable stainless steel structures house components of the highest quality, fueling reliable performance

  • Ultimate Wind Resistance

    Patented screen and ionization probe technology enables remarkable wind resistance, functioning reliably in winds of up to 18km/h or 11mph

  • Ease Of Use

    Smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition allows users to simply set and forget

  • Versatile Mounting

    Reclaim valuable floor space through fixed heating with a range of ceiling and wall mounting options

  • Directional Control

    Easy pivot bracket offers adjustable heat direction and coverage

  • Wireless Control Capabilities

    Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heater control



Model 300-Series500-Series
Energy Type LPG (Propane) / NGLPG (Propane) / NG
Heat Output 25Mj / 23,600BTU42Mj / 39,800BTU
Heat Area 15m2 / 160 ft2 20m2 / 200ft2
Power Connection 240V Type I plug / 240V Type F plug / 120V Type B plug
Minimum Mounting Height Wall Mount: 2000mm/6'6" Ceiling Pole Mount: 2500mm / 8'2"
Minimum Distance to Combustible Materials Side: 1100mm / 3'7" With deflector above (to ceiling): 1100mm / 3'7" Without deflector above (to ceiling): 350mm / 1'2"
Weight 12.5kg / 33lb16.5kg / 40lb
Metric Dimensions 490mm x 382mm x 298mm646mm x 382mm x298mm
Imperial Dimensions 22.05" x 15" x 15.59"29.76" x 15" x 15.59"



Bromic Heater Ceiling Poles

Bromic’s Gas Heater Ceiling Poles offer the ability to mount two units back-to-back below flat or pitched ceilings up to 4m/13’ above the floor. Pre-cut kits are available in 200mm/7.9” increments between 246mm/9.7” and 1046mm/3’5” in length to optimize heater heights in applications with ceilings between 3.2m/10’6” and 4m/13’ above the ground.

Bromic Heat Deflector

Bromic’s Gas Heat Deflectors reduce the clearance required between the top of a heater and the surface above from 1100mm/3’7” to 350mm/1’1” by absorbing heat that would otherwise escape vertically. This stainless steel deflector is unique in its dual layer construction, using the rigid top layer for reinforcement while reducing radiation of heat absorbed by the bottom layer.

Wireless Control Solutions

Bromic Heating Wireless Controller

The Bromic Heating Wireless Controller has the ability to switch power supply to two separate circuits, enabling independent ‘On/Off’ control of up to two electric or four gas heaters. The unit’s included radio transmitter offers control from up to 30m or 100ft away and is entirely portable, although it can be easily mounted with a double-sided adhesive or with screw provisions within the case.

Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote

The Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote offers complete comfort control and user-programmable customization to those wishing to implement our wireless control solutions on a grand scale. This radio transmitter can adjust an unlimited number of controllers in 6 groups from a single point within its 30m or 100ft range and is a must for larger venues.





Heat Areas

Heat area dependent on ambient temperature and wind. Optimum conditions experienced at approx 15.5°C/ 60°F and in a low-wind, covered environment. Table layout indicative only.




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