Dimplex Pro Box Rear Glass Pane - For Model CDFI-BX1000 or GBF1000-PRO

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Product Overview

Rear Glass Pane Opti-Myst® Pro Built-In Electric Firebox -  For Model CDFI-BX1000 or GBF1000-PRO

Join two rooms together with one set of flames when you replace the solid black backer panel that comes with the CDFI-BX1000 or GBF1000-PRO; this rear glass pane lets you see through both sides of the fireplace. This glass pane is for an Opti-myst® Pro electric fireplace frame (CDFI-BX1000 or GBF1000-PRO, sold separately). Build the ultimate room divider that is sure to turn heads.

  • The fireplace viewing area just got more interesting with this rear transparent pane of glass with black edging on the two vertical sides for seamless installation
  • Keep the look sleek with one large pane of glass that stretches the length of 3 feet 4 inches wide
  • Stay safe with the heat resistant glass when paired with the GBF1000-PRO (sold separately) or the CDFI-BX1000 (sold separately) with the CDFI-TMHEAT (sold separately)
  • See clear through each side of the fireplace to gain visibility in both rooms

Key Technical Specifications

gtinUPC: 781052116979
Product Depth/Length (in): 0.2
Product Height (in): 15.28
Product Weight (lb): 20.944
Product Width (in): 40.55


Assembly Instructions






(No reviews yet) Write a Review