Direct Vent Pro Gas Co- Linear Liner Kits


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    Direct vent pro co linear liner kits to complete the installation of your  gas fireplace insert. Easy to work with simply stretch out the lengths of liner drop them down your chimney , connect to the insert, trim at the top and install the termination. Super flexible these liners will snake through most throat damper openings. If you have any questions plese feel free to give our experts a call today 1-855 485 4015.


Use these DirectVent Pro kits when installing a direct vent colinear insert into a masonry chimney. • Choice of two cap styles: High-Wind Termination or Prairie Cap Termination. Both are 4” x 6 5⁄8” • Flexible pipe lengths may be cut to desired length. • Flex lengths in green (air intake) and red (exhaust) to help installers locate correct flex at other end of chimney. • For use with listed fireplace inserts requiring 3”x3” or 3”x4” co-linear direct vent system




(No reviews yet) Write a Review