Fire Pit Art Bella Vita Stainless Steel Fire Pit

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Fire Pit Art Bella Vita

 Fire Pit Art Bella Vita Stainless Steel Fire Pit, hand made wood burning Fire Pit Art. The Bella Vita celebrates your passion for the good life. American made with 304 stainless steel used for longevity and also for it`s corrosion resistance, 46" in diameter and 20" tall. is your home for Fire Pit Art.



Nothing brings friends and family together quite like the crackle and warmth of a wood burning fire pit. If you are looking for a durable and beautiful fire pit, then the Bella Vita just might be the one for you!

The Bella Vita Fire Pit is hand crafted from American Made one quarter inch thick 304 stainless steel that is sure to last a lifetime. ᅠIn fact, this fire pit comes with a 100 year guarantee! ᅠThis fire pit requires no maintenance even in cold, harsh environments and can be left outside year round. The interiors are hand rolled with a dense high temperature resistant coating and have a one and one half inch diameter rain drain in the bottom. These fire pits are safe on wood or composite decking if they rest on a one and one half inch thick (or thicker) stone base that should be approximately three feet square. An optional artisan crafted fire screen is also available. The Bella Vita fire pit is made by hand in the USA and individually numbered for a truly unique and functional piece of fire pit art. Order today and receive free shipping within the continental United States!

Product Features:

  • Fast and FREE Shipping!
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • No Maintenance Required!
  • Low Profile and Modern Design
  • Made from One Quarter Inch Thick Stainless Steel
  • Unsurpassed Durability
  • Interior High Temp Coating
  • Interior Drain for Rain
  • 100 Year Limited Warranty
  • In Stock. Ships within 5-7 Business Days

Options and Accessories:
Limestone Base Option
Limestone Base Option (Manf. Part # STN)
Adding a limestone base for your fire pit to rest on adds a layer of protection and is beautiful! ᅠIf rust marks on your deck are of concern to you, then having a limestone base will help reduce marks left from the fire pit. ᅠIt also looks great!

Available in both Natural and Square shapes!
Spark Screen Option
Heavy Duty 44.5" Spark ScreenᅠOption (Manf. Part # SG-44.5)
Our spark guards are handcrafted from heavy stainless steel mesh and 2" wide 304 stainless steel bands. Then painted black using a high temperature resistant black paint. ᅠEach spark guard is hand crafted! ᅠUsing a spark screen is a smart safety option when burning wood. ᅠSparks can fly into the air and catch surrounding brush or debris on fire. ᅠBy having the spark screen, you trap the sparks to the fire pit area. ᅠYou also add a level of protection for your family and friends. ᅠ
Wings In Flight Log Holder
Wings In Flight Log HolderᅠAccessory (Manf. Part # WOF)
If you plan on burning a lot of wood, it's always nice to keep it organized. ᅠNow you can with the Wings In Flight log holder. ᅠThis matching decorative log holder can hold between 10-15 logs and looks great next to your fire pit.ᅠ

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