Hargrove Vented Olde World Coal Basket

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Olde World Vented Coal Basket

Hargrove`s Olde World Vented Coal Basket Will Add Traditional Charm And Warmth To Your Fireplace With Its Easy To Use Gas System And Optional Remote Controls.


The Olde World Vented Ceramic Gas Basket with Coals will fill your home with a European charm. This basket with coals will fit smaller fireplaces perfectly because it is only 19 inch wide. Tested to ANSI Z.21.60 standards. This unit is manual, on/off control.


Set includes:


  • Coals
  • Volcanic cinder
  • Fittings
  • Connector
  • Vermiculite or sand


  • Front Width = 19"
  • Back Width = 13"
  • Depth = 10-3/4"


Basket w/ Coals


Coal Baskets

Hargrove's Olde World Baskets will fill your home with European charm.

  • Designed for smaller fireplaces (19" width at the front of unit)

  • Available with glowing coal chunks or gas logs.

  • Hidden valve controls


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