Napoleon 30x24" Double Doors

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Napoleon 30" x 24" Double Doors


Napoleon BI-3024-2D  30" X 24" DOUBLE DOOR

Creating your own custom grill island has never been easier with Napoleon's Built-In Components. Every great outdoor kitchen needs storage; this 30" x 24" set of double doors provide storage and endless installation opportunities creating large and accessible storage space. They feature stainless steel construction, soft closing hardware, seamless trim, and anodized aluminum handles.



30" x 24" Double Door

BI-3024-2D Stainless Steel

27.75 H x 33.5 W x 3.5 D 7.50 H x 32.70 W x 38.40 L 39 0

• Stainless Steel Construction

• Anodized Aluminum Handles

• Seamless Trim NEW

• Soft Closing


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