Sierra Flame Lynwood W-76 Wood Burning Stove


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Product Overview

Sierra Flame Lynwood W-76 Wood Burning Stove with Cast Iron Door, Black Colour Finish


The Sierra Flame Lynwood W76 is a welcome addition for wood burners everywhere, and is what a wood burning stove should be: efficient, low emissions, and provides great flames with a maximum viewing area.

Versatile, the Lynwood W76 wood burning stove adapts to any room and will create a cozy atmosphere in any space.
EPA 2020 certified, the Lynwood W76 wood burning stove brings warmth without compromising on air quality.


  • 2020 EPA Compliant
  • 78% Maximum Efficency
  • 13,784 to 57,674 BTU/hr
  • Heats up 2000 ft²
  • Maximum Log size – 21″
  • Massive glass for fire viewing

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Mandatory to complete the unit: Reduce Clearance Heat Shield


Type Solid Fuel Room Heater
Type of Combustion Non-catalytic
Fuel Type Dry Cordwood (15% moisture)
Main Material Cast Iron
Firebox Isolation Vermiculite
Flue Exit 6” (150 mm) Back to top connector
Recommended Heating Area 450 to 2,000 ft.2 (42 to 185 m2)
Nominal Firebox Volume 1.55 ft.3 (0.044 m3)
Maximum Burn Time 1 14 hours
Maximum Heat Output (dry cordwood) 2 57,700 BTU/h (16.91 kW)
Overall Heat Output Rate (min. to max.) 2 3 13,784 BTU/h to 57,684 BTU/h
(4.04 kW to 16.91 kW)
Average Overall Efficiency 3 71% (HHV) 4 76% (LHV) 5
Optimum Efficiency 5 78%
Average Particulate Emissions Rate 7  1.81 g/h (EPA/CSA B415.1-10)
Average CO5 120 g/h


1 Maximum Burn Time will vary depending on design of home, climate, wood type and operation.

2 Heat Out Range results are determined during specific emissions test established by the EPA.

3 As measured per CSA B415. 1-10 stack loss method. The Maximum Heat Output value is representative of a morefrequent re-fueling cycle than specified.

4 Higher Heating Value of the fuel is obtained per CSA B415. 1-10 test method.

5 Lower Heating Value of the fuel is obtained per CSA B415. 1-10 test method.

6 Optimum overall efficiency at a specific burn rate (LHV).

7This appliance is officially tested and certified by an independent agency. Particulate Emissions rate is obtained using EPA Test Method.

8 Carbon Monoxide Emissions rate results from Test Method CSA B415. 1-10



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