Twin Eagles 24" Beer Keg Dispensers

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Twin Eagles Beer Keg Dispenser

 Twin Eagles beer keg dispensers available with a single or double tap. Perfect for your outdoor bar area. Built with top quality stainless steel the twin eagles beer keg dispenser is built to hold up to the toughest oudoor conditions and perform for many years! Give out Twin eagles experts a call today 1-855 485 4015 we accept all major credit cards!!



24" Beer Dispenser / Single Tap


24" Beer Dispenser / Twin Taps

Serve up frosty cold draft beer right from the tap! It can hold half or quarter kegs and includes the draft tower, C02 tank and regulator.


  • Approved for outdoor use
  • Two stow-on-board shelves that can be used when a keg is not installed
  • Door lock for added security

Twin Eagles Beer Keg Dispenser

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