Airculator 39" Fireplace Heat Exchanger - For Use With Glass & Mesh Enclosures


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The Airculator draws cool room air into the fan box, sends it through the heat chamber and circulates warm air back into the room. This warms your room faster, and cuts back on the amount of wood needed. Increased efficiency and lower fuel costs!

Increase how efficient your fireplace is with the Airculator fireplace grate heater!


Installation: E for Especially Easy!

Super easy installation on this one! Just attach the motor box to the left or right (your preference), and tighten 1 screw. Center the unit in your fireplace. Plug one end of the power cord into the motor box, and the other into your wall receptacle.

Features And Benefits

  • Fits 28" - 34" opening width Standard Fireplaces or up to 39" wide Glass Fireplace Screens
  • Dual air jets act like a blacksmith’s bellows to feed the fire. The result: a faster-starting, hotter-burning fire that makes the best use of your fuel.
  • Uses only 10 watts of power, while producing up to 6500 watts per hour (20,000 BTUs) of usuable heat for your home.
  • The easiset grate heater to install - giving you more time to enjoy the warmth it provides!
  • Versatile and adjustable - you're able to set your fireplace grate heater up to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Very quiet fan operation means you won't be distracted by it and can enjoy the warmth with peace.
  • The 88cfm fan circulates the air through the heating chamber under the fire and heats it up to 300-425 degrees.
  • Can be used with fireplace doors installed or not.
  • The Airculator will reduce your firebox height by 2-1/4"

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Five year limited warranty on metal frame and construction
One year limited warranty on electronics (switches, motor, cord)