Majestic See-Through 36-Inch Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


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Product Overview

Majestic 36" See Through Direct Vent, Multi Side, Top/Rear Gas Fireplace With IntelliFire Touch Ignition (NG) - ST-DV36IN

Majestic 36" See Through Direct Vent, Multi Side, Top/Rear Gas Fireplace With IntelliFire Touch Ignition (NG) - ST-DV36IN

Majestic 36" See Throught, Multi-Sided, Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - ST-DV36IN

The Majestic 36" See-Through  gas fireplace creates a unique experience in any room. This multi-sided fireplace provides warmth and comfort to two spaces at once. Customize your See-Through with several interior options or opt for the contemporary look of fire through glass.

Key Features

Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.

Expands your viewing of the fire from two rooms at once and adds multiple design possibilities.

Ensures you always have a reliable source of warmth even with a winter power outage.

Offers you a touchscreen remote control or wireless wall switch to fit your life.

 Majestic Pier 36 Includes:

  • 38,000 - 21,000 BTU/Hour input (NG)
  • IntelliFire Touch ignition system
  • 6 ceramic fiber logs Gas flex connector
  • Glowing embers, lava rock
  • Manual gas shut off valve
  • Tempered glass
  • Black steel refractory
  • 12' control wire
  • Junction box
  • Crushed glass and stone media require the purchase of the STPR-MOD-KIT
  • Battery backup

Required to Complete - Sold Separately: Fronts (x2)


Model 36" See-Through Gas Fireplace - DV
Unit Width 42-1/2"
Unit Height 38"
Unit Depth 24"
Framing Width 43"
Framing Height 38-1/8"
Framing Depth 23"
Framing Front Width 43"
Framing Back Width 43"
BTU/hr Input 38,000
Viewing Area 33 x 21-5/8"

Pier 36 Multi Side From - Multi Side Firescreen Front - BlackFronts - Non-Operable (Required to Complete)

MSFR-36-BK Multi Side Firescreen Front - Black

 Optional Media

 Majestic Pier 36 optional media


Conversion Kits

  • LPK-MS36-IFT - NG to LP conversion kit 36" multi side units
  • STPR-MOD-KIT - Contemporary conversion kit for See Through and Peninsula units (must order media to complete) (for use with standard black metal refractory or Black glass interior panels only)

Liner Kit

  • LINER-36ST - Liner Kit: Reflective Black glass interior panels for See-Through

Refractory Upgrade

  • WTB36-ST - Traditional Brick Interior Liner - 36" See Through - Weathered Traditional Brick


  • GFK-160C - Fan kit 160 CFM (fan only)
  • GFK-160A - Fan kit 160 CFM (includes rheostat and temperature sensor)

Control, Remotes, Wall Switches

  • Battery Back Up - BATTERY-WSK - Battery backup wall switch kit for units with IFT control systems. Includes: On/Off Wall Switch, USB-C Port, Battery Backup, Cover Plate, 12’ Wire Harness
  • IntelliFire App - IFT-WFM - IntelliFire Wi-Fi Module that works with the IntelliFire iOS and Android app. Use to control all the features of your fireplace via a smart device. An RC400, RC450 or RC150 is required for thermostat control
  • IntelliFire Touch Controls - Aux Module - IFT-ACM - IntelliFire Touch AUX Module. Must order if adding Fan, Lights or Power Vent and want to use the IFT-WFM. Do not need to order if using IFT-RC400  (includes IFT-ACM).
  • Remote/Wall Switch/Wall Thermostat - IFT-RC150 - IntelliFire Touch white wireless wall switch (on/off, cold climate, battery strength indicator)
  • Touch Screen Remote - IFT-RC400 - IntelliFire Touch black remote control, docking station and auxiliary control module (on/off, flame height, thermostat mode, fan control, child lock, cold climate, timer mode, hot indicator, lights, on-screen maintenance and troubleshooting notifications)

Venting Notes

  • Requires DVP venting. See venting section of install manual.
  • Approved for SLP venting. See venting section of install manual.
  • Approved for use with PVLP-SLP, PVI-SLP-B and PVV-SLP with power vent wire harness (order separately) and IFT-RC400 remote. See venting section of manual.



Installation Manual

Owners Manual

Service Parts



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