Napoleon Ascent™ Deep X - DX42 - Electronic Ignition, Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


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Product Overview

Napoleon Ascent™ Deep X - DX42 - Electronic Ignition, Direct Vent Gas Fireplace with Blower, Remote and Log Set


The Napoleon Ascent™ Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace is a traditionally styled gas fireplace that features a hand made premium split oak log set. This clean-faced fireplace has an extra-deep 22-inch firebox to ensure that every inch of the gorgeous fire can be enjoyed. Fully customize this beautiful fireplace with a multitude of optional fronts, backs, trim kits, and even additional logs and rocks.

The optional heat management system reduces clearance to combustibles on installation for greater interior design flexibility - which means that you can place your favorite electronics and artwork closer to the fireplace without fear of heat damage. The Ascent™ Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace ensures your favorite space is more comfortable for years to come.


  • Up to 31,000 BTU's
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Premium Safety Barrier
  • Ceramic GlassFlame/Heat Adjustment
  • ProFlame II Remote Control
  • Premium BlowerRigid or Flex Vent Accepted
  • Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™
  • Optional Heat Management : LHAD
  • Log Set Included

Tech Specs

Weight 200 lbs
Fuel Gas
Efficiency 57.5%
BTU 31,000
Ignition System Electronic
Vent Exit Top or Rear
Vent size and type 5" & 8" Direct Vent
Fireplace Dimensions 40-1/4" w x 41-1/16" h x 22-1/2" d
Framing Dimensions 40-7/8" w x 42" h x 23" d
Minimum Enclosure Height side vent 47" & top vent 57"
Corner Framing - Wall Length 51"
Non-combustible Finishing 6"
Glass Type Ceramic
Viewing Area 35-3/4" w x 27" h
Blower Included
Night Light Yes


Direct Vent, Electronic Ignition - Natural Gas - DX42NTRE

Direct Vent, Electronic Ignition - Propane - DX42PTRE

Decorative Panels - Required to Choose One



d42-mirro-flame-porcelain-reflective-radiant-panels.jpg  MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels

 ascent-d42-prod-panels-oldtimeredherringbone-400.jpg Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red™ Herringbone

 ascent-d42-prod-panels-oldtimeredstandard-400.jpg Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red™ Standard

ascent-d42-prod-panels-westminsterherringbone.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Westminster™ Grey Herringbone

ascent-d42-prod-panels-westminster.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Westminster™ Grey Standard

ascent-d42-prod-panels-sandstone-400.jpg  Decorative Brick Panel - Sandstone

ascent-d42-prod-panels-newport-400.jpg    Decorative Brick Panels - Newport™ Standard


 Finish Trims - Optional


ascent-d42-prod-trim-400.jpg  Finish Trim - Black

ascent-d42-prod-trim-bevelled-400.jpg  Finish Trim - Charcoal

ascent-d42-prod-zenfront-400.jpgZen Front - Black

 Optional Fire Kits


Available Options:

Shore Fire Kit - Mixture Of Rocks, Sand, Vermiculite & Glass

Beach Fire - (Recommended with Shore Fire Kit)

Mineral Rocks - Mixture Of Rocks, Sand, Vermiculite & Glass

 Remote Controls

remote-control-on-off-with-digital-screen-f45.jpgRemote Control, On/Off with Digital Screen F45

remote-control-on-off-with-digital-screen-thermostatic-f60.jpgRemote Control, Thermostatic On/Off with Digital Screen - F60

 Heat Management

 universal-heat-management-kit-side-grill-uhm.jpgNapoleon Universal Heat Management Kit | Side Grills | UHM


universal-heat-management-kit-front-grill-uhmf.jpgNapoleon Universal Heat Management Kit | Front Grills | UHMF


 Hot Air Distribution Kit

napoleon-hot-air-distribution-kit.jpg  Hot Air Distribution Kit




Spec Sheet



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