Napoleon Elevation™ 36 – E36 – Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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Product Overview

Napoleon Elevation E36 Direct Vent Gas Burning Fireplace | Electronic Ignition

Napoleon Gas Fireplace Elevation 36

The foundation of Napoleon gas fireplace offerings, the Elevation 36 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace features a hand-painted split oak log set that shows off the fire from every angle. This fireplace is customizable with decorative backer panel offerings and finishing trim kits in black, charcoal, gunmetal and copper. Include the optional UHM (Universal Heat Management) to increase your comfort. UHM is a passive heat management system that circulates the heat throughout your room to ensure increased comfort when making memorable moments in front of your fireplace.


  • Up to 26,000 BTU's
  • 43 9/16" H X 38 5/8" W X 22 7/16" D
  • Optional Heat Management for reduced clearances to combustibles
  • 5/8" Top Venting - Will accept Flex and Rigid Venting
  • Full View Safety Barrier
  • Battery back-up control system
  • Tempered Glass
  • Dual Flame Pan Style burner
  • Zen front available in both Charcoal and Black
  • Finishing trim available in Black, Charcoal, Gunmetal and Copper
  • Optional Universal Heat Management system
  • Optional Remote Control and Blower
  • Optional Decorative Panels including; MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Westminster, Old Town Red, Newport, Glacier and Ledgestone Panels

Tech Specs

Weight 180
Fuel Gas
BTU 26,000
Ignition System Electronic
Vent Exit Top
Vent size and type 5" & 8" Direct Vent
Fireplace Dimensions 38-5/8" w x 43-9/16" h x 22-7/16" d
Framing Dimensions 39-3/4" w x 43-3/4" h x 22-1/4" d
Minimum Enclosure Height 72"
Corner Framing - Wall Length    53-3/8"
Non-combustible Finishing 12" over header shield
Glass Type Tempered
Viewing Area 30-7/16" w x 24-15/16" h
Blower Optional



Direct Vent, Electronic Ignition - Natural Gas

Direct Vent, Electronic Ignition - Propane

Decorative Panels - Required to Choose One



mirro-flame-porcelain-reflective-radiant-panels-2.jpg  MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels

black-illusion-glass.jpg  Black Illusion Glass

decorative-antique-ledgestone-brick-panel-2.jpg  Decorative Antique Ledgestone Brick Panel

decorative-brick-panels-newport-standard-2.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Newport™ Standard

decorative-brick-panels-old-town-red-herringbone-2.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red™ Herringbone

decorative-brick-panels-old-town-red-standard-2.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Old Town Red™ Standard

decorative-brick-panels-westminster-grey-herringbone-2.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Westminster™ Grey Herringbone

decorative-brick-panels-westminster-grey-standard.jpg  Decorative Brick Panels Westminster™ Grey Standard

decorative-glacier-herringbone-brick-panel-2.jpg  Decorative Glacier Herringbone Brick Panel

decorative-glacier-standard-brick-panel-2.jpg  Decorative Glacier Standard Brick Panel


 Finish Trims - Optional


finish-trim-black-2.jpg  Finish Trim - Black

finish-trim-charcoal-2.jpg  Finish Trim - Charcoal

finish-trim-copper-2.jpg  Finish Trim - Cooper

finish-trim-gun-metal-2.jpg  Finish Trim - Gun Metal

 Remote Controls

remote-control-on-off-with-digital-screen-f45.jpgRemote Control, On/Off with Digital Screen F45

remote-control-on-off-with-digital-screen-thermostatic-f60.jpgRemote Control, Thermostatic On/Off with Digital Screen - F60

 Heat Management

 universal-heat-management-kit-side-grill-uhm.jpgNapoleon Universal Heat Management Kit | Side Grills | UHM


universal-heat-management-kit-front-grill-uhmf.jpgNapoleon Universal Heat Management Kit | Front Grills | UHMF


 Hot Air Distribution Kit

napoleon-hot-air-distribution-kit.jpg  Hot Air Distribution Kit



Spec Sheet



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