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Vesper Outdoor Gas Fireplace by Outdoor LifestylesVesper Outdoor Gas Fireplace by Majestic

Create a getaway outside your door. With stainless-steel construction, the Outdoor Lifestyles Vesper ventless outdoor gas fireplace handles the elements. Place it anywhere with no venting or chimney needed. Get a big view of the flames with a 27" tall opening either 36" or 42" wide. Pick from three real-life log sets accented by a traditional or herringbone brick interior.



Creates an authentic masonry-type fireside experience with classic brick interior panels in a traditional look.


Creates an updated look for your firebox interior with an angled brick and mortar appearance.


Protects your outdoor fireplace burner and ignitor assembly from water build-up.


Add a finishing touch to enhance your fireplace and distinguish your home. Browse fireplace fronts that frame your opening and glass or mesh doors in colors to complement your décor. Colors on screen can vary. Connect with your local dealer online or in person to see actual samples.

Mesh door for Vesper - Stainless steel
Mesh Door


Log Set Options

Vesper Logset options


Model Vesper 36 Vesper 42
Unit Width 42" 48"
Unit Height 34" 34"
Unit Depth 20" 20"
Framing Width 42-1/2" 48-1/2"
Framing Height 34-1/4" 34-1/4"
Framing Depth 19-3/4" 19-3/4"
Hearth Front Height 25-1/2" 25-1/2"
Hearth Front Width 32-7/8" 38-7/8"
Hearth Depth 15" 15"
Hearth Rear Height 22-5/8" 22-5/8"
Hearth Rear Width 24-3/8" 30-3/8"
Fuel Type Gas Gas
BTU/hr Input 38,000 38,000
Viewing Area 36" x 27" 42" x 27"


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review