Gas fireplaces offer ease of use and ample warmth. Gas Fireplaces are available as vented gas fireplaces and vent free gas fireplaces. Most gas fireplaces today are direct vent gas fireplaces which draws combustion air from the outside of the home and exhausts outside as well.The direct vent gas fireplaces are easy to install as a full chimney is not required. Vent Free Gas Fireplaces offer nearly 100 percent effiency are easy to install because no venting or chimney is required. A vent free gas fireplace is a good choice if you do not use the fireplace for long periods of time. If you desire to burn your gas fireplace for more than several hours you should consider a vented gas fireplace.

 Both Vented and Vent Free gas Fireplaces Are Available in many different styles. Traditional Gas Fireplaces offering log sets, Contemporary gas fireplaces often use glass or stone media. Today one of the most popular gas fireplace styles is the Linear gas fireplace. This modern style of gas fireplace offers a long sleek look often with glass media or driftwood sets. Some Linear Gas Fireplaces Can stretch as long as 6 feet such as the Majestic Aura gas fireplace.We offer Gas Fireplaces from many brands Napoleon gas fireplaces (our flagship brand), Majestic gas fireplaces, White Mountain Hearth gas fireplaces, Sierra Flame gas fireplaces, American Hearth gas fireplaces, Enviro gas fireplaces and more.



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