Invicta Gaya Feuille Chimney Stove

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Gaya Feuille
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Invicta Gaya Feuille Chimney Stove

Invicta Gaya Feuille 12 kW Wood Burning Stove

Invicta wood burning fireplace Gaya Feuille

A bit of additional artistic flare! The stunning Invicta Gaya Feuille12 kW Wood Burning stove features a design inspired by the veins on a fallen autumn leaf.

Clear pane airwash system from Invicta keeps the huge window clean and provides a superb view of the fire surrounded by this remarkable and beautifully crafted cast iron feature doors - it is a real design feature and the finishing touch to your spectacular living space. Twin cast doors swing back to reveal the large firebox door.

The large fire chamber accepts logs up to 71cm in length and features patterned heat tiles and a baffle system which is designed to swirl the gases in the fire to give a captivating flame display.

The Gaya features a subtle air wash system which keeps the large viewing window in this magnificent log burner crystal clear. The air introduced by the clear pane air wash system acts as a secondary air system and increases the efficiency of the appliance by ensuring a more complete combustion of gases within the stove. This also reduces smoke emissions. The control for the air wash and its workings are kept out of site just behind the decorative outer doors.

The Gaya Feuille Wood Burning stove exudes luxury and sophistication. It is glamorous to the eye, yet it is cleverly designed and incorporates intelligent features to maximise the stove's performance. The Gaya Feuille is much more than a work of art... It is a master piece of design. Also  Invicta have thought about the form and function of every piece of the Gaya Wood Burning stove.
the Gaya Feuille log burning fireplace features the option of top or rear flue exit.


Max Output:
Heating Capacity:
Firebox volume/ Capacity:
Log size:
Flue dimension:
Flue exit:
Measurement (HxWxD):

Single wall pipe:
Back: 19"
Sides: 18"
Corner: 21"

2,3 gr/hr  EPA
90 000 btu/hr
2500 SQFT
2,32 CUFT.
485 lbs
up to 24"
47,75x51,25 x19,75 in

Double wall pipe and rear shield:
Back: 12"
Side: 18"
Corner: 21"

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