Invicta Kazan Cast-iron Wood Stove


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Invicta Kazan Cast-iron Wood Stove


kazan-room-lg.jpegThe stylish Kazan fireplace combines modern design and great performance. The rippled surface gives this wood stove a distinctive and elegant style, while enhancing energy performance through increased heat exchange surface.
Kazan breathes harmony and serenity to your home. Feel all the positive energy that emerges from this well-proportioned stove.


Emission: 1.76 gr/hr EPA 2020
Max Output: 42,000 btu/hr
Heating Capacity: 1500 SQFT
Effeciency: 63.4%
Firebox volume/ Capacity: 1.53 cuft
Weight: 346 lbs
Log size: Up to 22"
Flue dimension: 6"
Flue exit: Top and Rear
Color: Anthracite
Measurment (HxWxD): 31,5x 25,5x 14,75 in.

Single wall pipe:
Back: 16"
Sides: 20"
Corner: 15"

Double wall pipe and rear shield:
Back: 6"
Side: 22"
Corner: 15"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review