Invicta Nelson Wood Stove

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Invicta Nelson Wood Stove

Invicta Nelson Double Sided Wood Burning Stove


A double sided modern clean lined slow combustion cast iron wood stove that has amazing proportions and very impressive heat output.
This double sided stove gives a unique character to your home. Pleasant evenings ahead, at each side of the stove, the rhythm of the crackling fire and dance of the flames are now unmissable.


Emission: EPA EXEMPT certify ULC S627-00 & UL 1482-11
Max Output: 90 000 btu/hr
Heating Capacity: 1500 SQFT
Effeciency: 70%
Firebox volume/ Capacity:
Weight: 443 lbs
Log size: Up to 30"
Flue dimension: 7"
Flue exit: Top
Color: Anthracite
Measurment (HxWxD): 37,5x 35,75x 19 in.
Clearance: side 23"


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