Pinnacolo Ibrido Hybrid Stainless Pizza Oven


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Product Overview

Pinnacolo Ibrido Hybrid Stainless Pizza Oven - # IBRIDO PP0-1-03

 The PINNACOLO IBRIDO (Hybrid) Outdoor Pizza Oven gives you the choice of how you want to cook your pizza. You can use the traditional Wood Fire, or switch over to the Gas Fire for a faster cooking time. This oven also has a wall-to-wall Cordierite cooking surface with 745 sq-in of cooking space, which means you can fit 2 or 3 or even 4 pizzas inside at once! In addition, the double wall insulated dome is coated in an extremely durable porcelain enamel finish, just like the finish on the inside of your home oven.


  • CSA Approved - means it has been tested to ensure years of safe use
  • Easy to use Gas Ignition - simple press and turn ignition and flame control
  • Rear mounted gas burner - provides easy no-fuss operation
  • Stainless Burner Cover - protection when you are cooking with wood
  • Protected Storage area - holds your tank with extra space for wood storage
  • Insulated double-wall stainless steel dome - designed to focus the flames and helps retain heat
  • Cordierite pizza stones - thermal shock resistant and retains heat for a crispier crust
  • 2 Stainless steel side shelves - 16" wide shelves make preparation easier
  • Stainless door visor - keeps the front of your oven cleaner
  • Fixed Thermometer - instant view of the ambient temperature inside your oven
  • Adjustable Chimney Damper - allows you to control the airflow and temperature
  • Front-mounted crossbar - Hang a towel and use S hooks to hang accessories
  • Wheeled base with locking casters - lets you move your oven to the best cooking position
  • Large wooden door handle - stays cool and protects hands from high temperatures
  • Complete selection of Tools - Ready for years of great food
  • Maximum temperature can reach 600F
  • This gas oven is available in propane
  • 35,000 BTU


  • Pizza Oven Top: 32"W x 28.5"D 
  • Door Opening: 22"W x 11"H
  • Oven Top w/ both side shelves: 64"
  • Bottom storage: 30.7"W x 26.4" D x 31" H
  • Overall height:  80.1" H
  • Overall weight: 210 lbs


Included Accessories

  • Heavy Duty cart with locking casters
  • 2 x Acacia Wood Pizza Peels
  • 12" Lightweight perforated metal peel
  • Cleaning broom with scraper
  • Stainless steel rocker cutter
  • Weatherproof Oven & Tank Cover
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • High-temperature gloves
  • Stainless steel fire separator
  • Pinnacolo Apron
  • 24" vent pipe and cap


(No reviews yet) Write a Review