Ventis He250R Epa Wood Burning Fireplace

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Ventis He250 Wood Burning Epa Fireplace

Ventis He250R Zero Clearance High HE250R Zero Clearance High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplace. This Powerful Clean Burning Wood Burning Fireplace Heats Up To 2,200 Sq Feet With Its Powerful 80k Btu Output. Simple Non Catylitic Operation , Built In Blower And Can Be Used With Any Class A Chimney System This Is A Great Firpelace Choice To Heat Your Home Without Breaking The Bank.




VENTIS® ZERO CLEARANCE WOOD FIREPLACES HE250 Wood fireplace wide rectangular door. Modern style face-plate (metallic black) with black door overlay-- 6" collar


  • A Large Glass Viewing Area
  • Extra Firebox Volume
  • Cast Refractory Bricks
  • Standard Blower System
  • Option of a Distinctive Brushed Nickel Door Overlay
  • Eco-Friendly Heating With Efficiency Topping 75% and Emissions Below 4.4 g/h

Contemporary design… straight lines, clean shapes, neutral colors. Our HE250 brings a modern touch and blends functionality and comfort perfectly. Obtain the same key features as our HE200, but with extra firebox volume and a larger glass viewing area. With an efficiency topping 75% and emission below 4.4 g/h, there is not much more one can ask from a zero-clearance wood fireplace. The HE250 allows you to insert your personal touch with the option of a distinctive brushed nickel plated door overlay. Make your living room cozy and inviting for those cold winter nights!

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